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  • Vaishali Shah

    "BDiva- the place where I get everything under one roof.
    Their collection from casual to classy, indo-western to traditional antique style is just outstanding. They have an amazing collection of necklaces and earrings. I love the unique designs. One can vouch for the quality of their products.

    All the best for the future. Looking forward to your new collection."

  • Neha Pastakia

    BDiva has been my to go place for many occasions. They have
    a beautiful variety of jewellry which can enhance even the most boring outfit.
    They have never disappointed me in their designs, craftsmanship and after sale

    I love the scarf+necklace pieces that they have come up with
    and absolutely love their gorgeous earrings.

    So please do stop by their page !!! Am sure you will find
    something for yourself and for your loved ones !!!

    Wishing them all the best for the future !!!

    - A Happy 😊 Customer

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BDIVA founder and owner Bela Shah is affiliated to the an NGO Global Parli where we have adopted 100 villages in the district of Parli in Central Maharahtra since its inception in 2016. We work towards a 360 degree development of all these villages and have been successful in multiplying the farmers incomes multifold. She takes keen interest in the education of a girl child and empowering women of these villages.


BDIVA is an endeavor towards enabling women to be able to express themselves with the right type of jewellery. The way we dress up in terms of clothes and jewellery is an extension of what we are and what we feel at that given point of time. Our adornments are an expression of our emotions and our personality combined together