7 ways to Style Bdiva Scarf Jewellery

7 ways to Style Bdiva Scarf Jewellery

In Bdiva we create a very unique scarf with jewellery or pendant attached to it. 

These scarfs can add a touch of glamorous and uniqueness to your scarfs. In this blog, we'll show you how you can style our scarf in 7 stunning ways with any outfits

1. Classic Drape:


The simplest and most timeless way to wear a Bdiva scarf is by draping it around your neck. Let the jewellery or pendant hang in the centre.

2. Double Drape:


Double the scarf draping, let the jewellery hang at low.

3. One Side Jewellery Scarf


Put the scarf into the necklace making the necklace look more unique.

4. Jewellery In the Back:


If you are wearing a low top or backless top, this style is just perfect for you. 

5. Scarf Tying in Handbag:


If your handbag is simple and you want to make it look chic, tying the scarf in the handbag would look effortless and stunning.

6. Necklace Scarf:


Want to wear a necklace and scarf and at the same time no worries, we just got you covered. Our Bdiva bead necklace scarf is perfect to match your style.

7. Statement Necklace Scarf:


If your outfit is too simple and you want to make it look glamorous and effortless. Our Bdiva statement necklace scarf will make your outfit look stunning.

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