Everyone loves coloured gemstones because of their unique colours, not only that gemstones hold a lot of meaning, some use them as a healing, protection, spirituality, and a symbol of beauty. To put it simply, birthstones are related to one's birth month and meaning behind it.


It is believed that the history of birthstone is started from the Breastplate Of Aaron which is held by twelve gemstones. The breastplate is vestment worn by the High Priest of the Israelites. In the Book of Exodus, the Bible quotes about the twelve gemstones. As time passed, these 12 gemstones became associated with the 12 zodiac signs, gradually aligning themselves with the 12 months in the calendar year.


1. January - Garnet

The Garnet is a birthstone for January. The Garnet derived from the Latin word “granatus” which means “seeds” as the garnet represents the red hue colour same as the pomegranate. The garnet helps in relieving mental stress and negative feelings. In ancient times, the garnet was used to cure poisons, bad dreams, and relieve depression and fear. In modern times garnet represents love and loyalty.
January - Garnet

2. February - Amethyst

Amethyst is known for its deep purple hues colour. Due to its wine-like colour, in ancient times it was also known as the “ the god of wine”. The word Amethyst derived from the Greek word “Amethyos” which means “intoxicants”, “a remedy against darkness” . Amethyst is the stones for peace, clarity, self healing, the help to balance and strengthen the immune system.

February - Amethyst

3. March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine serves as the month for March, The word Aquamarine derived from the Latin word which means “aqua”. In ancient times Aquamarine stone was believed to protect the sailor from the sea. In the modern period the aquamarine is referred to as a meditation, to flow clarity to mind, to protect the traveller who passes by the sea. It also represents love, loyalty and health. 

March - Aquamarine

4. April - Diamond

The Diamond is a symbol of eternal love and good fortune. The word Diamond derived from the Greed words “adams” which means “invincible”. The Diamond first appeared in India around 3000 years ago.As the time passed the supply of diamond from India declined and Brazil became the house of diamonds. During the mediaeval period the diamond was used to cure the ailments stemming from the pituitary gland and brain.

April - Diamond

5. May - Emerald

Emerald comes under the category of precious stone. The most famous emeralds are colombian emerald and zambian emerald. Emerald serves as the May birthstones. The emerald represents rebirth, hope and good fortune. The word Emerald is derived from the Greek word 'smaragdus' meaning green landscape on the mother earth. Indian astrology believes that the green colour is associated with the heart chakras making the emerald the symbol of heart.

May - Emerald

6. June Pearl

Pearls are found inside the mollusk which lives in either a freshwater or seawater environment. The pearl farmers go inside the water where the mollusk has settled and very delicately they remove the pearls inside of them. The pearls come in different colours depending on the mollusk environment and their tissues. The most famous pearls are Japanese Mikimoto Pearls. Pearls are a symbol of wealth and elegance. For centuries, diverse cultures held unique beliefs about the origins of pearls. Middle Eastern people thought of pearls as heavenly teardrops, while the Chinese associated them with the brain of a dragon. In the same vein, Christopher Columbus and his contemporaries held the belief that pearls were formed within molluscs from dewdrops.

June Pearl

7. July - Ruby

The ancient HIndus described the ruby as “the king of precious stone” . Ruby is a very highly prized gemstone. Ruby is a symbol of love and passions. It is derived from the latin word “ruber”  which means red. The Pigeon Blood Ruby and Red Burma Ruby is one of the most famous ruby. 

July - Ruby

8. August - Peridot 

Peridot is a very rare stone found in the peridotite rock upper crust of the Earth. The Peridot is also known as the “evening gemstone” has its capacity to shine and sparkle in the dark, Peridot is the symbol of strength and prosperity.
The rare fact about peridot are Pallasite meteorites that occasionally make their way to Earth containing the green gemstone within them. These extraordinary "space gems" are not only incredibly rare but also quite petite, owing to the tremendous impact force that shatters the formations upon arrival. The Peridot has a lot of healing properties. 

August - Peridot

9. September - Sapphire

The Sapphire has been used as a healing cure by the ancient peoples. The sapphire was the antidote from the poisons. Sapphire is also a precious stone. The Sapphire is the symbol of wisdom and loyalty.

September - Sapphire

10. October - Opal & Tourmaline

The Opal and Tourmaline are the birthstone for October. The Opal is the only gemstone that has various colours in it, it has the potential to shine like the rainbow. The opal word is derived from the Sanskrit word “upals” which means precious stones. Opal is the symbol of faithfulness and confidence.

Tourmaline is the symbol of creativity and inspirations as the tourmaline is the array of colours. The famous Tourmaline stone is Paraiba tourmaline which is of blue hue.

October - Opal & Tourmaline

11. November - Topaz and Citrine

The Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word “tapas” which means “fire”. The topaz is in different forms. In the midst of the Middle Ages, It was believed that the topaz could prevent someone from death. It was also known as a “cooling crystal” as it has the potential to cool bad temper and boil water. Topaz represents love and affection.

Citrine is a very rare gemstone and can’t be replicated. The Citrine word is derived from the Latin word “citron” which means yellow gems. Citrine is also known as the “merchant stone” or the “money stone” because they thought it could make you rich. They believed wearing it would bring you wealth, so many folks kept this stone close to attract success and money. Citrine is the symbol of success. 

November - Topaz and Citrine

12. December - Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon

The tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone. The tanzanite stone was first discovered in 1967. Tanzanite when it's in rough form is als=ways reddish brown so it gets heat at high temperature.

Turquoise was used to wear by the ancient Tibetans; it is the oldest gemstone in the world. It is a symbol of prosperity and success. The turquoise are mostly found in Iran.

Zircon is the oldest mineral of earth. It has been used since 2000 years. Zircon is found all around the earth crust. It represents wisdom and honour.

December - Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon

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