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Bdiva Shell Pearl Bracelet with Shell Stone.

Bdiva Shell Pearl Bracelet with Shell Stone.

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Product: The Shell Pearl and Green Stone Bracelet blend the elegance of pearls with the natural allure of stone. This unique bracelet is designed to captivate, showcasing a central grey stone encircled by a halo of dazzling diamonds, complemented by delicate shell pearls that add a touch of sophistication. The shell pearls, carefully crafted from the inner lining of oyster shells, beautifully harmonize with the grey stone and diamonds, completing the bracelet's stunning design.

Size & Material:
Size : Free Size
Wt. : 35 gm
Materials: Brass, 18K Gold Plated
These are all natural stones and so there may be a slight variation in the shade, size and shape of the natural stones

Occasions: For formal events like corporate meetings, pair this bracelet with jackets or suits to exude confidence and refinement. Its subtle yet captivating design will add a touch of class to your professional attire. This bracelet effortlessly complements Indian Kurtas, Sarees, jeans, and even a simple white T-shirt. For a bolder and more trendy look, try layering this bracelet with other favourites to create a stunning stack of bracelets. Let your creativity flow as you mix and match, giving you a truly eye-catching and dramatic appearance.

Quality: Every piece is a product of the love of labour. We use good quality semi-precious stones and faux pearls with good quality metal alloys in high-quality gold polish. We take pride in our exquisite jewellery that undergoes multiple processes of quality check to maintain our authenticity, and craftsmanship standards.

Brand: BDiva, where elegance meets uniqueness and celebrates the richness of Indian culture. Our brand is dedicated to showcasing handcrafted products created by talented rural artisans. Our collection encompasses many styles, including Ethnic, Contemporary, Traditional, and Timeless Classics. We believe that luxury should be accessible, so we strive to offer our exceptional products at an affordable price point.

Return & Refunds: One-time exchange for any manufacturing defects. Exchange is to be initiated within 7 days of delivery. The product needs to be shipped within 7 days of receiving the product by the customer.

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